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Trading instruments

  • Crypto assets
  • Currencies
  • Comodities
  • Indexes
  • Bonds

Crypto Flow indicator is a price-based indicator, showing the strength of each crypto currency.

Determine which crypto currencies are going to move the most against another crypto currency or any other asset.

InstrumentMarket capPrice
Bitcoin Cash00

Forex Flow indicator is a price-based indicator, showing currency strength (Wikipedia) of each forex currency.

It's a combination of two indicators:
Relative currency strength (Wikipedia)
Absolute currency strength (Wikipedia).

The indicator tracks all major FX prices and shows you the movement of all pairs in one unified chart:

To be announced
To be announced
To be announced

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See performance of all asset class around the world and relatively compare them to each other.

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With a new release every week, we are focusing and prioritizing our customers needs.


Maintain your screen settings and favorite indicators based on your experience.


Connect to our API and get all data in real time socket connection.

Historical tickdata

Back test your cross asset trading strategies on a simulated tick by tick strategy tester.


Annoucment made

  • New flowindi application has been announced
  • Release set to Q2 2018
  • Possibility to alpha test will be announced